You have inspired us to use 50 Years of insurance knowledge combined with superior technology talent to create innovative insurance software products that you need to become even more competitive and remain relevant as you continue to grow your business.

Cogitate Technology Solutions (“Cogitate”) was established with a vision to be a leading provider of innovative and transformative digital technology products for the insurance industry. The strategic direction for Cogitate is to develop technology products to help you provide digital service, advice, and marketing to your current and future customers with technology solutions that they want access to and will expect from their insurance provider.

Since our inception, we have successfully developed and implemented several highly advanced digital technology products to serve various segments of the insurance distribution value chain. Our customers include insurance carriers, MGAs & wholesale insurance brokers and independent retail agents. Cogitate also develops products for agency management system solution providers.

Developing and implementing your digital technology platform is our passion and our focus. From end-to-end digital servicing, advising, and marketing for your business, the Cogitate technology platform is ready for you. And, if you need fast and efficient access to your business results, we’re here to make that happen for you.

Over 50 Years of Knowledge and Experience of Insurance Industry

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    Our Vision

    To be a leading insurance technology innovator by developing transformative digital insurance products and service delivery solutions throughout the insurance industry distribution value chain.

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    Insurance Industry Segments We Serve

    • Insurance Carriers
    • MGA’s & Wholesale Insurance Brokers
    • Independent Retail Insurance Agents

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    Our Passion, Our Focus

    Customer driven technology needs inspire our cultural beliefs. We think intently and creatively when we are developing transformative technology products for the insurance industry, throughout the distribution value chain.

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    You Want More

    Our highly satisfied clients consistently request new or additional technology solutions and we deliver. Recognition as a preferred digital technology platform partner is an honor for us, especially when we can continue to enhance and help you grow your business.

Transformation for the Insurance Industry

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    Innovative web & mobile solutions
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    Cost effective products
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    Easiest-to-use technology
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    End-to-end digital integration platform
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    Increase in productivity and efficiency for various client segments in the insurance distribution (value) chain

Leadership Team

Leadership with over 50 years of knowledge & expertise in insurance industry

Cogitate - Creatively Mobilizing Insurance Delivery

  • We Are

    WE ARE

    • Insurance Experts
    • Technology Masters
    • Mobile and Digital Advocates
    • Visionary Thinkers
    • Value Conscious

  • We Deliver


    • Client Success
    • Creative & Intuitive Software
    • Cost Effective Insurance Delivery Capability
    • New Channel Opportunities for Growth
    • The Insurance Service Model of the Future

  • We Value


    • Extremely Satisfied Clients
    • Enabling the Growth and Relevance of Our Clients
    • Curiosity that Fosters Technology Innovation
    • Innovation that Transform Insurance Delivery